Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Violence Girl on Facebook

Just a quick update to let you know that I'll be doing most of my updates and interaction for Violence Girl on the official Facebook page for the book, which you can reach by clicking the link below. We've already posted a few videos there. It is a great venue for discussion and sharing and I encourage you to join the Violence Girl community by "liking" the Violence Girl Facebook page.

Thank you!

Click Here for the Official Violence Girl Page on Facebook

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Matt "Max" Van said...

Hey, Alice- I've been catching up on my blogroll, and appreciate the changes in status on your blogs, etc- I thought you might like to know that my blogging has changed a bit, too: I noticed you still link to my now-closed Vox blog. My pop culture blog is now here: http://maxvanhmlmwtmc.blogspot.com/
But, hey, I do understand that you might not even be reading blogs these days. I still hope the best for you, and hope that you're not getting too much grief out in Arid-zona.